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New AERAS RV10-2  PM Filter KIT VPK117 003750
  • New AERAS RV10-2 PM Filter KIT VPK117 003750

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     Quality NEW Replacement Filter Kit for the following suction vacuum models: AERAS RV10-2, also for use in Bison 3, 5, 7 & 9 models.  Includes all 3 Filter Elements RPI-VPK114, RPI-VPK115 & RPI-VPK118 needed to comply with your maintenance of Ramvac Bison suction equipment.

    Cross Reference Numbers: American Dental part # VA-068 RamVac part # 003750  Tip: AIR FILTER life depends on vacuum usage, nature of environment, and amount of aspirated material. Inspect air filter every 1,000 hours and replace every 2,000 hours or when visibly dirty. Also, inspect the OIL FILTER every 1,000 hours and change the oil filter element every 2,000 hours or when changing the oil. Colors may vary from images, yet quality equals or exceeds original filters.

    Refer to your user  manual Oil, is easily available at your local Walmart.

    OEM name is for reference only we are not nor do we imply we are an OEM authorized dealer.


    SKU: VPK117 003750
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